stolzer Full-Service-Concept

The first variants of modern parking systems were used as early as the 1930s.

stolzer has established itself:

We have been developing and producing automated parking systems for over 30 years!

Trust in a parking system with a full service concept!

High-performance service

To ensure smooth operation, we also offer a comprehensive, graduated service package. Every stolzer parking system is reliably serviced, maintained and retrofitted throughout its entire life cycle. Spare parts are in stock, and technicians are quickly on site when needed. In addition, we offer a local service hotline for those seeking assistance, which can be read off the parking system.

1st Level

  • Customer center reachable via hotline / e-mail
  • Reachability contractually regulated
  • Documentation
  • Remote restart / reset
  • Remedy visible faults
  • If necessary assignment of 2nd level support

2nd level

  • STOLZER technicians who perform not only regular maintenance / service, but also repairs etc. of the system on site
  • parts exchange
  • Spare parts documentation
  • Software update

3rd level

  • Support of technical product development
  • Processing of complex customer inquiries
  • Research and development
  • Adaptation of legal requirements

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